Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014


As an adult, I find recent incidents involving African-American youth difficult to process.  Imagine a young person's plight as they try to make sense of what they see, what they hear, and, most importantly, what they feel. I am sure we all have legitimate questions and concerns about our place in American society.I know I do. Even at my family's Thanksgiving gathering, I was moved by the fact that many of my young cousins, nieces and nephews wanted to discuss the recent negative incidents in the news.

HIA (History In Action) Toys believes that understanding history equips us with a roadmap to deal with these challenges and uncertainties. They are devoted to educating African-Americans, and especially African American youth, about our history.  Their line of action figures:

Benjamin Banneker Action Figure
Bessie Coleman Action Figure
Matthew Henson Action Figure 

provide an entry point for pre-teens to the incredible story that is the Journey of African-Americans in America. As such, we provide a meaningful way to start conversations about the lessons of African-American history with the young people in your life.

With your support, we believe we can help all of us place recent incidents in context and provide a positive approach to critical self-identity issues. These action figures demonstrate and exemplify our ability to overcome and excel, even under the harshest of circumstances. You have a role in empowering youth—Take action today by:
  • Purchasing a "Black History In Action" figure for a young person in your circle of influence;
  • Purchasing a "Black History In Action" figure and allowing HIA to donate on your behalf to a charity that provides for children in need (place “Donation” in order notes);
  • Following @HIAToys and retweeting to your family and colleagues; and/or
  • Sharing this e-mail with individuals who influence and shape lives, particularly young African-American lives.
HIA's site also provides parents and teachers with a guide to engage young people in conversations around our real life heroes that have overcome severe obstacles. This link provides a 20% discount:

Code: WMC14

For more information and updates, join the conversation via hashtag #BlackHistoryMatters.Thank you in advance.