Wednesday, May 22, 2013

African American buying power

"African American buying power will increase 73 percent between 2000 and 2012, which not only overtakes the 60 percent increase in Caucasian buying power, but also the 67 percent rise in total buying power of all races combined. Two factors contributing to the gains include a 61 percent increase in black-owned businesses in the five-year period between 2002 and 2007 and 84 percent of blacks over 25 years of age completing high school or college – a sharp increase from 66 percent in 1990." 

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Martin Luther King on Crowdfunding

Martin Luther King Memorial, Washington, DC
Photo by William Michael Cunningham
Copyright, WMC, 2012.

"Evil is not driven out, but crowded out...through the expulsive power of something good. " MLK

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Top 10 Things Black Folks Need to Know About Crowdfunding

A short video describing the top 10 things black folks (and others) need to know about crowdfunding. A plug for

Sunday, May 5, 2013

FREE Webinar on Crowdfunding!

U.S. Crowdfunding Market Size Estimate: $3.9 billion

The University of California, Berkeley's Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership has conservatively estimated the size of the equity and debt based crowdfunding market to be at least $3.98B. 

Professor Lee Fleming, Faculty Director of the Fung Institute, Academic Director of the Program and contributing author said, “While estimating the size of the future and currently non-existent market is a hazardous endeavor at best, we have presented a set of data, assumptions, and estimations that may prove useful. From the lenses of Angels, VCs and Small business lending we believe a market as large as $3.98B per year could rapidly evolve.”

“While Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson added credibility to the concept of crowdfund investing by predicting crowdfund investing could amount to a $300B market, we believe that the market size may be much small yet equally impactful” said Sherwood Neiss, co-founder of the Program for Innovation in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance and co-author of the size of market report. “The potential is not only measured in dollars funded but also in the numbers of business started and jobs created.”

We think the $300 billion estimate optimistic, to say the least. The $3.98 billion estimate may be closer tto the mark for 2013, but we'll stick to the $2.7 billion 2012 estimate we noted earlier.  
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Conference Call : How to participate in a crowdfunding campaign - June 1 at 2pm EST

This free telephone conference call will describe why and how one participates in a crowdfunding campaign. We will discuss a specific campaign, currently seeking donations on, the Charles Junction Community Gardens

"Charles Garden is a 501(c)(3) social service and job building program for chronically unemployed and hungry families. Charles Garden trains and equips people within the community to grow whole fresh foods for themselves and to sell their home grown produce for economic empowerment. Funding will be used to train the unemployed to grow and produce whole foods for themselves and their families. Contributions are tax deductible." 

Dorothy Pitman Hughes, the creator of this crowdfunding campaign, will be on the call to answer questions. Ms. Hughes was a co-founder (with Gloria Steinem, left) of Ms. Magazine. We will also discuss how to make a contribution on

To participate, call 

Access Code:929191
June 1, 2013 at 2pm EST

Send an email to with questions. Attendance is limited.

Please join us.
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What to do after you've launched your crowdfunding campaign

From Indiegogo:

"Congratulations on launching your campaign! Now it's time to start raising money!
  1. Start sharing your campaign
    • Tell people that your campaign has launched... 
    • Reach out to your closest friends and family to ask for their support. Aim to raise 25% of funds from this inner circle. This will help your campaign reach a tipping point.
  2. Increase your (campaign activity) and get featured
    • The most active campaigns are featured on our homepage, newsletter and blog. Campaign activity is measured by...several metrics, such as funds raised, comments, updates, campaign media, referrals, and more.
  3. Keep your audience updated
All good ideas...

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Helping Our Young Black Men by Giving Real-life Examples

What is the project about?

My website will help single mom's and frustrated single dads with their out-of-control young boys.  Although we will help any single parent of any race we are targeting African American boys and young men.

We will allow them access to Recorded and Live webinars featuring African American mentors from all walks of live.  Such as: police officers, Pastors, business owners, teachers, principals, mechanics, etc.

There will be time for questions and answers, action plans for success and much more.

We will also make ourselves available for phone or online one-on-one talk sessions to allow them to express themselves and have someone who cares listen.

How will we use the funds?

I will use 100% of the funds to expand the website and market to single parents online and newsprint.

Why am I doing this?

Because I work in our community and I understand that we are all good inside but some of us are misguided.  I've hired several people for my company that had a criminal record and I sat down with them and listened and gave them a 2nd chance, sometimes a 3rd!

I'm also on the board of a Charter school and I see first hand that there are some children that need special attention before they are lost.
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