Friday, October 26, 2012

Crowdfunding News 10/26/12

Crowdfunding News 9/26/12
A Cloudy Forecast: Equity Crowdfunding in Europe [Part 2]
Equity crowdfunding in Europe has been touted by many organizations, ours included, as evidence that crowdfunding can work in the U.S. Indeed, platforms like Seedrs and Crowdcube have operated there for several years now. The picture, however, is not ...
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How Politics Influences Crowdfunding Behavior
Huffington Post
Here at Indiegogo, we wanted to investigate these political divides in the context of crowdfunding. Specifically, what similarities and differences are there in campaign and contribution behavior across red, blue, and swing states? Using information ...
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Questions Around Crowdfunding
Wall Street Journal
Crowdfunding is a hot topic, and it may turn out to be an important and viable source of seed capital to start-ups. But because it lets small businesses sell equity directly to investors, it may also turn out to be a headache for the brokerage business ...
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Crowd-Funding For Everything Else: Pets, Healthcare, College, You Name It
Crowd-Funding For Everything Else: Pets, Healthcare, College, You Name It. As crowd-funding becomes more popular, people are starting to use it for things beyond their album or meaningful project. Maybe you just want some people to help pay for your ...
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SBAC Financing Option for Entrepreneurs
Fox Business
Members looking for a crowdfunding loan with SBAC would apply for the amount they want and then set a cap on the amount of interest they are willing to pay. People bid on the loan and the interest rate they will charge. Pledges keep accumulating until ...
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Begging for Change: Local Developers Use Crowdfunding to Build Game About ...
Techvibes (blog)
Ideally, art is a mirror: films, songs, paintings and sculpture reflect the truth back at us and give us pause for thought about aspects of our lives and selves we might otherwise turn away from. If games are ever to be fully recognized as works of art ...
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Crafting a bamboo phone: ADzero's journey from concept to crowd-funding reality
The Verge
In mid-September, the worst nightmares of AD, the company behind the ADzero bamboo phone, came true. AD's production prototypes revealed a fatal flaw: the bamboo cases — the phone's key distinguishing feature — were splintering. To make matters ...
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