Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crowdfunding Today

Crowdfunding Today 12/22/12
Crowd-Funding Draws Donations for Sandy Relief
ABC News
In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, some who lost their homes or businesses have turned to crowd-funding websites to elicit a faster and more direct response than they could expect from the government or traditional charities. While Congress ...
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ABC News
Light by Moore's Cloud Goes for Homegrown Crowdfunding
Technabob (blog)
About a month ago, a project launched on Kickstarter called the Light by Moore's Cloud. Unfortunately, the project failed to meet its funding goal, despite gathering about 2,000 supporters. With the company's Kickstarter funding plans foiled, it has ...
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Technabob (blog)
6 Women Entrepreneurs To Watch Empowering People Through Crowdfunding ...
6 Women Entrepreneurs To Watch Empowering People Through Crowdfunding Platforms: Piggybackr, SoMoLend, Indiegogo GiveForward, Kiva, Catapult. article Crowdfunding. 6 Women Entrepreneurs To Watch Empowering People Through Crowdfunding ...
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