Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CrowdfundingNews 1/29/13

News 1/29/13
P&G Taps Crowdfunding Site to Scout for Startup Brands
For small companies selling consumer products like makeup or snack food, a partnership with a big multinational company can mean the difference between obscurity and becoming a household name. How does a small brand get a behemoth's attention?
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Why the Next Hit Video Game May Be Crowdfunded
In his project video on the crowdfunding website, Schafer did not promise fans the greatest game of all time. He didn't even guarantee the game would be good. "Either the game will be great, or it will be a spectacular failure caught on camera for ...
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16 Innovative Ways to Use Crowdfunding for Education
Innovation Excellence (blog)
With success stories like a 3 million dollar crowdfunding on the Kickstart platform for the video game, Double Fine Adventure, the trend is catching on fast. And with less restrictions supported through recent laws, such as the JumpStart Our Business ...
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Developing Social Impact Through Crowdfunding in Latin America
Editor's Note: The following comes to us from Georg Neumann, a communications specialist at the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Interamerican Development Bank. MIF is exploring the potential of crowdfunding in Latin America, and it has ...
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Galveston to host crowdfunding cruise
Houston Business Journal (blog)
However, Dobyns, who is the Houston-based CEO of four different crowdfunding platforms, explained that the cruise is more of a gathering of crowdfunding experts. These include lawyers, angel investors, accountants and venture capitalists. There may be ...
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Universal Integrated Bike Lock Crowdfunding Project
Marketwire (press release)
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 29, 2013) - The InterLock™ is a seat post with bike lock inside of it. This bike lock is an integrated lock that hides inside of the frame of virtually any bicycle. While the lock is not in use, it is ...
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Q&A: Lorenz 2.0 Owner Turns to Crowd Funding in Effort to Keep Store Going
Crowd funding is a relatively recent Internet fundraising method invented in the last decade and popularized in the last few years by sites like Kickstarter, Microventures, and Indiegogo, where charities, causes, businesses, or passionate groups and ...
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Crowdfunding for Cars, Rudy Keynote at Affiliate Summit, and Playing Wii on a ...
FeedFront Magazine
This week on the Affiliate Thing podcast (listen to the latest Affiliate Thing), Lisa Picarille and Shawn Collins talked about crowdfunding cars, pictures and videos from Affiliate Summit West 2013, and the upcoming Performance Marketing Summit. They ...
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Money Bomb for Women Filmmakers: Crowdfunding Platforms
Huffington Post
Hopefully gone are the days when filmmakers raised funds for their films by any means necessary -- medical experiments (El Mariachi, Robert Rodriguez), credit cards (Hollywood Shuffle, Robert Townsend) and family and friends (Kissing Jessica Stein, ...
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Indie Developers Turn to Crowdfunding to Save Homeworld Series
One of the forgotten victims in the whole THQ auction mess was the Homeworld series. I have to admit, it completely slipped under my radar as well. I know the series and the games, but I was unaware of THQ being the owners. At any rate, nobody decided ...
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