Saturday, May 24, 2014

State-Level Crowdfunding Exemptions....So Far

The picture below shows states that have enacted equity crowdfunding (green).
The states that have legalized equity crowdfunding as of today (7/22/14) are listed below:


Others are in the process of enactment...and moving fast! The first thing to note is the way states with equity crowdfunding exemptions are clustered. Alabama/Georgia, Colorado/Kansas, Washington/Idaho. This is no accident. If a state nearby has equity crowdfunding and you do not, it is marginally more likely that startups and other companies looking for capital will move to the state with crowdfunding. Therefore, it makes sense for your state to adopt a crowdfunding exemption. States understand the potential equity crowdfunding has and refuse to wait for SEC JOBS Act Title III regulations to be finalized.

Probably the most notable state on its way to allowing equity crowdfunding is California. Why? Companies like Apple, located in Silicon Valley, were once simple startups in garages looking for money to help get them off the ground. Over time they began to garner more and more funding, eventually going public. Today, there are companies started by people with great ideas that need funding and are continually turned away by accredited investors. Any one of these companies and ideas could be worth billions. This is where equity crowdfunding comes in.

Let me say again that this process is happening very quickly. Just last year only 3 states had passed crowdfunding exemptions. By September, 2014 we project that at least 15 more states will have official regulations on equity crowdfunding. Only 2 of the 20 states that have considered crowdfunding exemptions have rejected the idea. There is no need for alarm here....

They will eventually realize their mistake.....

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