Sunday, August 24, 2014

Equity Crowdfunding Legal in Texas on Sept 1.

As one article notes, "The Texas State Securities Board, led by Commissioner John Morgan, is scheduled to meet August 27, 2014 to pass the new (crowdfunding) rules slated to go into effect the first of September."

Another article states that "Texas as is now the 13th state to create its own equity crowdfunding rules and by-pass the JOBS Act. The U. S. SEC has not released or finalized the federal rules and some states see the billion dollar opportunity equity crowdfunding presents and they have decided to take the bull by the horn and jumpstart small business and economic development in their state.

Section 3(a)(11) of the 33 Act exempts from registration any security that is part of an offering sold only to persons residing within a single state if the company is also doing business in that state. So, as long as a company complies with the federal intrastate exemption, it only needs to be concerned with the state’s crowdfunding rules when conducting a crowdfunding offering; it won’t also have to comply with the federal crowdfunding law.

Texas-based businesses now have more options to raise capital. This alternative may lead to new innovations, more jobs and stronger companies that will boost the local economy. Well, at least that’s the hope. Businesses in the oil and gas, real estate, technology, art and entertainment, agriculture, food and hospitality industries may see an uptick in investment through online equity crowdfunding activities. This may be true for those business executives who are savvy enough to recognize the opportunity, create a strategy and execute said strategy."

For more information, contact

John Morgan
Securities Commissioner
State Securities Board
(512) 305-8303

Proposed Crowdfunding Forms can be found here.

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