Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Concerned global citizens come together to raise awareness about the Balkan floods

In the period between May 13 - May 18 of this year, a low-pressure storm system called Cyclone Tamara dumped 3 months worth of rainwater on communities in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia. The water broke through the dams and levees, washing away everything in it's path. 2,000 mudslides completely destroyed entire villages and the towns of Maglaj, Krupanj, Obrenovac, Doboj, and Gunja virtually disappeared under the flood waters. The human suffering has been staggering: over 70 people lost their lives, 900,000 had to be evacuated, and over 85,000 are still living in temporary shelters across the Balkans.

A group of concerned global citizens have come together to form "Blues for the Balkans" to show solidarity with the Balkan people and to raise awareness about the Balkan floods. Luke Winslow King saw pictures about the floods on Facebook and offered support.

Others supporting this effort include Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant in Washington DC, Kameron Vollin-Reed and Shelton Williams, core members of the blues group "KVR & The Prototype," Steva Lung, a professional artist and filmmaker In Serbia who will be donating his personal time in the making of the "Blues for the Balkans" documentary (if we can pay for his travel and equipment costs), Vojin Mitrovic, a community liaison for Fond B92 in Belgrade, Serbia, and Bill Cunningham at National Crowdfunding Service, a crowdfunding consultancy based in Washington, DC.

Blues for the Balkans is raising $5,000 to send the Luke Winslow King band from New Orleans to play a free, 6-day Flood Relief Benefit Tour across Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia from July 27 - Aug 2. With another $5,000, we hope to film a documentary about the "Blues for the Balkans" tour, the proceeds of which will all go to support the flood relief efforts of our non-profit sponsors.

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