Thursday, July 3, 2014

Top 50 Crowdfunding Campaigns

The chart below results from an analysis of the Top 50 crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo, 'Top' measured by total dollars raised. The X axis shows the dollar amount of the reward or  perk ($1 to $10, $11 to $20, etc.) The Y axis shows the cumulative number of rewards/perks collected across all 50 campaigns, so the chart shows that, for the top 50 crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo, 100,000 rewards/perks with a  value ranging from $1 dollar to $10 dollars were selected by supporters. 
Normally, we might expect this chart to be convex, declining steadily from $1 to $5000. This is not what we see, however. It seems that people are willing to donate small dollar amounts, up to about $50, and then contributors look to donate at least $100. What's going on here? To explain this phenomenon, classify backers into two categories:
1. The first category are people who simply want to help. They donate less than $50 dollars and do not donate for the reward (normally a T-shirt, poster, etc.) They are “angels” who simply want to make the thing happen.
2. The second category are people who actually want the service or product being offered. These are the core customers for whatever the future product or service is.
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Data collection and analysis by:

Hanna Kim, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, May 2015
Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Ziqi Chen, Master of Science in Finance, August, 2014
Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School 

Frank Catanzaro
BSBA in International Business The Catholic University of America May 2014

NCS Interns, Summer 2014

Edited by William Michael Cunningham


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