Monday, April 29, 2013

Charles Junction Community Gardens

"Every Seed We Plant Is A Seed of Hope that Eliminates Hunger With The Faith Of A Mustard Seed!"​

The Charles Junction Community Gardens "is a 501(c)(3) social service and job building program for chronically unemployed and hungry families. We train and equip people within the community to grow whole fresh foods for themselves and to sell their home grown produce for economic empowermentFunding for our program will be used to train the unemployed to grow and produce whole foods for themselves and their families. Contributions are tax deductible." If you can, please donate, via PayPal.  


We invite people of all backgrounds to share your dreams, learn our structure, discover why crowdfunding is so important, who benefits, and how you can participate for your own and the greater good. "Like" our Facebook page, too. 

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