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CrowdfundingNews 4/27/13

Crowdfunding News 4/27/13
Synergist Founder Hopes To Raise $25K Using The Company's Own ...
Sites like Kickstarter have been used to crowdfund a wide range of projects, but I don't think they've ever done what Synergist is attempting today — they've never crowdfunded themselves. The site was founded by 17-year-old Jared Kleinert, who ...
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Bill Clinton Touts Potential of Crowdfunding at Creativity Conference
WASHINGTON — Speaking at an MPAA, Microsoft and Time event called the Creativity Conference Friday, former President Bill Clinton talked up crowdfunding as a potentially important avenue for filmmakers and others to "make more messages that we ...
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Tips from a 22 Year-Old Crowdfunding Veteran [Part I] -
At age 22, Anthony Ng Monica has already completed two successful crowdfunding campaigns to fund his startup, Swogo. We recently caught up with the young, tech-savvy CEO to learn more about his business, crowdfunding for equity, and why buying a ...
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Crowdfunding Rescue - Boston Bomber Boat to be Replaced (PHOTOS)
A crowdfunding campaign to replace the boat ruined in the wake of Boston Bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's capture, has sprung up online. slide_293616_2371859_free[1] When police opened fire on the vessel which hid Tsarnaev, David ...
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Can crowdfunding kickstart struggling cities? -
Eric Engelman, principal and director of innovation and research at LeSar Development Consultants and formerly a policy advisor for the San Diego mayor's office, warns that obstacles inherent in local government operations can also be the stumbling ...
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Crowdfunding is a form of collaborative social media. Even though crowdfunding can function without social media, this phenomenon has developed greatly with the advance of social media. The studies in entrepreneurship and finance established ...
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