Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crowdfunding 9/6/12

News 9/6/12
Crowdfunding video games
The Economist
SINCE its launch three years ago, Kickstarter, a website on which people who want to make things can ask other people to pay for their projects, has offered hope to penniless musicians, artists and designers. But what the world's modern Medicis really ...
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Crowdfunding letter campaign targets politicians in five provinces
Starting this week, the Ontario wing of Invest CrowdFund Canada (ICC) is sending letters to Ontario MPPs asking for support to legalize equity crowdfunding in Canada. Similar letter writing campaigns will follow in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and ...
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Does crowdfunding hoover up charities' online donors?
The Guardian (blog)
The parents and friend of another victim, Farrah Soudani, also set up a crowdfunding campaign for her on crowdfunding site GoFundMe, which raised $170,000. However, independently of this, Farrah's older brother also set up his own website, which – with ...
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The Guardian (blog)
Small satellite aims for launch thanks to money from crowd-funding
Anderson Independent Mail
To DeBenedictis, crowd-funding is part of the project's point. A lifelong space buff whose company sells astronomy apps, he wants people to feel connected to space and excited about space travel again -- the way they did during the Apollo moon landings ...
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Lowell man charged in crowd-funding fraud
The Sun
BOSTON -- A Lowell man who founded and manages Tabletop Arena LLC has been accused of "crowd-funding fraud'' by the Secretary of State's Office. Christopher Melville, of Lowell, allegedly sold unregistered securities through a crowd-funding social ...
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FundedByMe Launches Equity Crowdfunding Platform
Sweden's FundedByMe has launched their Equity Crowdfunding platform to the public, making it another player in the Nordic equity crowdfunding scene. FundedByMe already offers a crowdfunding platforms similar to Kickstarter, which repays investments ...
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Fund Grazing
Washington City Paper (blog)
One of the first local eateries to try crowdfunding was Pleasant Pops. The frozen pop food truck's co-founders, Roger Horowitz and Brian Sykora, launched a Kickstarter campaign in March 2011 with the goal of $20,000 (about 20 percent of their budget ...
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Washington City Paper (blog)
Outgrow.Me: Where Kickstarter Projects Go When They Mature
Huffington Post
SF: My background with crowdfunding is nothing more than as a backer and fan of crowdfunding projects. I didn't have any web development experience prior to I had the idea and thought "This doesn't seem to difficult!" How wrong I was.
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Getting the Jump on the JOBS Act
Idaho Business Review
By loosening restrictions on capital raising that have been in place for decades, permitting a new capital-raising process known as "crowdfunding," and modifying certain features of the securities registration process, the act could potentially have a ...
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Idaho Business Review selects Equifax for ID verification
Equifax has also a strong track record of working with the developing social funding market and is particularly excited about the emergence of 'CrowdFunding' being offered by and other new entrants. Peer-to-peer and social lending ...
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