Monday, September 17, 2012

CrowdfundingNews 9/17/12

Crowdfunding News 9/17/12
How Startup Magazines Crowdfund, Crowdsource, and Hold Onto Print
PBS MediaShift
In the past year, there has been a steady output of crowdfunded journalism projects, many of which are entrepreneurial in spirit and target a niche community. (An assortment of crowdfunding platforms and successful projects were covered in the ...
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Crowdfunding The Chance For 10000 Entrepreneurs To Have Better Teams
My favorite part of great heist movies is the part where they put the team together. The minds behind the heist know they have the chance to get the big score, but they know they can't do it alone. So they spend their time planning for the perfect ...
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Crowd funding gets local with video contest
Daily Mail - Charleston
Websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have helped thousands of businesses get off the ground by helping would-be entrepreneurs collect startup money from online supporters. Now, the Charleston Area Alliance wants to bring "crowd funding" to the local ...
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SpokesBUZZ Successfully Crowdfunds Innovative Five City BandSwap
Though this phenomenon also occurs to some degree with more typical crowdfunding campaigns, the combination of a nonprofit community organization fundraising for an easy-to-support local cause on a community funding site seems likely to explain why ...
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FirstBase FundRaising Today Launched The Fastest Crowdfunding Service Ever
Daily Markets
FirstBase FundRaising today launched the fastest crowdfunding service which is the first to leverage the global sports communities. FirstBase Fundraising by NextMVP allows both individuals and organizations to collect money online for business endeavors.
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Revolution's Charles Cecil: Crowdfunding fuels creativity, but publishers ...
Pocket Gamer.Biz
But how will this cash be spent, and why did Revolution - a studio you might imagine would have a better chance of securing publisher backing than most - turn to crowdfunding in the first place? We spoke to CEO Charles Cecil about publishers, creative ...
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Crowdfunded Super Dingo returns with new episode
Inside Film
The Perth team of writer-directors Ethan Marrell, Paul "Werzel" Montague and producer Natalie Lewis have just released the second Pozible crowdfunded episode in the series: Super Dingo Vs. The Hippies. "People who we didn't know placed the highest ...
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A. Heath Abshure Of North American Securities Administrators Association ...
Huffington Post
So it may seem odd that Abshure, 39, led NASAA's recent fight to change federal legislation that will make it easier for small businesses to raise capital through "crowdfunding," a strategy that lets investors buy small stakes in ventures through ...
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Microgenius fuels new crowdfunding venture
Business Weekly
The UK's first green heat supply co-operative has approached Microgenius – the Cambridge UK sustainable energy startup whose website is facilitating crowdfunding in vital community projects – for support to complete its share offer. Having soft ...
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IT News Online
17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Every year, free online begging or crowdfunding is becoming a very common way for people in need to beg or ask for funding. It is a virtual phenomenon that some call cyber begging, Internet panhandling, or crowdfunding and it ...
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