Friday, September 21, 2012

The Internet Society and Crowdfunding

 I attended an informal discussion sponsored  by the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society and Google DC on the Elections and Internet Policy.

As the society noted, "while Internet policy is not a 'hot button' issue, the platforms for both parties devote paragraphs to Internet issues such as Net Neutrality, cybersecurity, and Internet freedom--and there are significant differences."

The roundtable discussion focused on questions such as:  How would Internet policy change in a Romney Administration?  What will be the most pressing issues facing the President and the Congress in 2013?  If the Republicans win the Senate, will we see new approaches to telecommunications and Internet policy?

Leading the discussion were Phil Bond, Petrizzo Bond (and former CEO of TechAmerica and former Undersecretary for Technology at the Department of Commerce during the Bush Administration), John Kneuer, JKC Consulting (and former head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration), and Eddie Lazarus, former Chief of Staff of the Federal Communications Commission from 2009 to 2012. The discussion was moderated by Michael Nelson, Adjunct Professor of Internet Studies, Georgetown University.

On the question of Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act, the speakers agreed that it is unlikely that policy concerning crowdfunding will change even if Mr. Romney is elected.

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