Thursday, September 13, 2012

Crowdfunding News 9/13/12

CF News 9/13/12
CNET (blog)
Ultimate Reception is a campaign on crowd-funding site IndieGoGo aimed at developing a magnetic football and gloves that improve catching ability. Actually, the gloves are embedded with powerful magnets that attract a special layer in the football's skin.
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Bandtastic Joins Concert Crowdfunding Miniboom
With what is described as a "modified crowdfunding model", Bandtastic joins a growing group of music concert crowdfunding services. Previous concert crowdfunding sites covered at Hypebot include GigFunder, based in Chicago, and Queremos!, a Brazilian ...
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FundaGeek Launches Portal for Education New Portal Provides Crowdfunding ...
FundaGeek is a recently launched crowdfunding platform expressly for technology, scientific research, inventions, community support and education. In the past several years, crowdfunding has seen tremendous interest from creative people in the arts ...
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Crowdfunding site for community energy projects gets the green light
Cabume - Cambridge technology news
Microgenius takes the crowdfunding concept of getting large groups of people to pool their money and points it at local sustainable energy projects – cooperatives and community benefit societies – such as solar panels for schools, village wind turbines ...
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A stream of alternative finance options
Crowdfunding enables people to raise money for innovative new projects by getting like-minded individuals to pool their money to back the idea, person or business. The model is breathtakingly simple. The person seeking funding posts their business plan ...
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Social crowdfunding site StartSomeGood announces launch in 20th ...
Social crowdfunding site StartSomeGood announces launch in 20th international market. Funding platform to boost social enterprise sector in Asia-Pacific and beyond. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. · Australian co-founder ...
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Entrepreneurs Help Fuel Job Growth
"I think thousands of companies will get started or scaled because of crowdfunding, most of that action (will be) in parts of the country that right now don't have access to the (capital)," he said. He said the crowdfunding provision of the JOBS Act ...
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Small Business Challenge Offers $50000 in Prize Money
Miami-based, an equity-based online crowdfunding platform, has helped launch the Small Business Challenge, offering $50,000 in prizes to help small businesses grow and hire new employees. According to EarlyShares, the key sponsor of ...
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The Fate of The Kickstarter Generation
Crowd funding, and unavoidably, is one of those things that you can't quite make generalizations about because it encompasses a multitude of different odds and ends, from Video Games to advanced wristwatches. But we can all certainly ...
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